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Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy

Bridging the Gap between Policy and Technology

Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy

Mainstreaming New-age Technologies in Government of India Operations


With the objective to help the Indian government and bureaucracy in becoming world leaders in leveraging technology for public good, the Wadhwani Foundation launched the ‘Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy (WITP)’ which is focused on empowering and arming Government of India (GoI) ministers, bureaucrats, and all policy makers with case-based knowledge of emerging technologies.

Dual Mission

However, the WITP services will also be open to non-governmental personnel in the essential technology domain.

Our Approach

Data as the foundation for Technology Policy & Strategy

Strategic projects in Data & Analytics, Security and Privacy

Application of AI models & solutions

Focus on emerging technologies

Our Focus Areas

Technology-centric policy assessment

Data governance and utilization

Project analysis and implementation

WITP Benefits


AI and ML use in Government

Repository of Use Cases (already done by USIS team) for alumni

Journal of Technology in Policy

Papers can come from anywhere in the world.

The Data Map

To show how data flows to different organisations

Reference Read

AI-enabled Clinical Decision Support Systems

Policies and standards to ensure artificial intelligence is safely incorporated into clinical decision support systems, recommended a white paper from the XYZ Center for Health Policy.

AI-enabled Clinical Decision Support Systems

As the volume of cyberattacks grows, security analysts have become overwhelmed. To address this issue, developers are showing more interest in using Machine Learning (ML) to automate threat-hunting.

AI and IoT In Agriculture

IoT and AI solutions can vastly improve crop yields and may be the only way to achieve a better system, according to some experts. The technology can also pave the way for