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Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy

Bridging the Gap between Policy and Technology

Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy

Mainstreaming New-age Technologies in Government of India Operations

Who we are?

New and emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, block chain, 3D printing, and more, can play a transformative role in peoples’ lives. Governments that learn to effectively harness such technologies can have a dramatic impact in improving the delivery of public services, strengthening governance, and making better-informed decisions. Citizens can be empowered to provide real-time feedback on service delivery gaps. However, to maximize the utility of such technologies, policymakers must develop an executive-level understanding of the technology’s potential, and possess the ability to build frameworks critical in executing related initiatives.

The Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy (WITP) has been set up by the Wadhwani Foundation in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of mainstreaming emerging technologies in government operations across India.

What do we do?

WITP believes in closing the gap between technology and policy that results in robust decision-making and aiding the government of India.

The fundamental need for all of us humans today is to be steadfast and updated with the constant innovation in technologies. Technologies that surround us everywhere, making our lives have a seamless experience, whether it is watching the over-the-top platform for enterntainment or applying and registering for an Aadhaar Card online.

WITP enables people like government officials, senior policy-makers, bureaucrats and technocrats across the ministries and sectors to close the gap in technology literacy.

We have the capability for spear-heading and building Training solutions related to Technology & Policy, identify and lead projects and undertaking few ‘Proof of Concept’ (PoCs) to showcase use of these technologies, and review, research, assess, and generate papers on the technology policy of the Government of India.

Our 3P Approach

People Training & Skilling

Performance Strategic Projects​

Process Tech Centric Policy Review​



Review & Research





Implement & Standardize

Generate Papers

Dual Mission

Policy think-tank

  • Information, insights and recommendations
  • Application of technology for policy making, implementation, and outcomes measurement

Technology Training Academy

  • Upskilling senior policymakers/ bureaucrats/technocrats and broader society
  • In essential tech trends and application to their respective ministries and missions

Three Major Functions

Tech Centric Policy Reviews

Strategic Projects

Technology Academy

WITP Benefits

  • Better policy design, execution, and measurement
  • More technology-aware policymakers
  • Technology-enabled policy execution at scale
  • Technology-enabled outcomes measurement
  • Real-time policy insights for faster course correction