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Application of emerging technologies to improve policies and programs

Our Focus Areas

The ‘Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy (WITP)’ researches and leverages global cutting edge knowledge, resources and trends to support the Government of India and States through the following thrust areas:

Technology-centric Policy Assessment

Review priority policies and programs of GoI/State Government to enable stronger application of technology for policy making, policy formulation and implementation and measure impact and outcomes for mid-term correction.

Technology Academy

Develop graded courses and knowledge repository to train the Government officials as part of their mainstream development programs and in priority areas. Also, providing online and in-person training in a variety of formats to a variety of customers from established officers, to new inductees, to trainers at the various Government training institutes.

Data Governance and Utilization

Assess and recommend public policies in these areas across departments and assisting government departments in better and secure management of data.

Project Analysis and Implementation

Implement a pilot project in priority areas (e.g. health, agriculture, nutrition) to establish a playbook in Program Management of Government-projects. Also, connect to or directly provide Program Management support for short and longer-term projects of the GoI and its agencies and State Governments, where such projects are performed by the 3rd parties that are selected and funded by Government and/or its agencies.