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Real Time Tracking


Organisations often face the problem of tracking shipments, vehicles, their on-field workforce and more. They want their field services and on-field workforce to be tracked and optimized in real-time on a single map interface, and also allows people to plan & manage their dispatch schedule, delivery routes, and capacity in the most cost-optimized way.

With this a need was felt to have an end-to-end logistics management SaaS platform, which enables automated order management, predictive capacity planning, real-time route optimization, dispatch automation, transparent customer experience, and post-delivery processing and analytics of B2B transportation or B2C delivery business.


LogiNext provides solutions to third-party service providers, courier services, express and parcel, e-commerce logistics and hyperlocal businesses to track their shipments in real time and minimize losses occurring due to high logistics cost and operational uncertainties. It aggregates the location data from multiple clients with similar delivery networks, anonymizes it, and then use the power of real “Big Data” to generate insights. This information helps companies predict delays, save costs, and provide reliable customer service. LogiNext’s proprietary technology reduces manual intervention while running on-ground operations and automates the decision making in order to save close to 20 percent of the cost by increasing productivity.

Future Plan

It also seeks to build more functionalities that can automate the businesses further by helping customers make decisions automatically about dispatch timings, ETAs, traffic conditions, customer communication, exception management, and many other tasks that enterprise users spend countless amounts of time every day. They also want to build more global customer stories with a focus on Europe, North America and South East Asian markets.

Key Technology Used

  • Visual speech recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision

Benefits to the end-user and Government

  • Automated planning and optimization
  • Real-time estimated time of arrival calculation
  • Dynamic re-routing based on weather, resource capacity, locations and traffic
  • Helps visually compare planned delivery route against actual route to identify bottlenecks.
  • Real time fleet tracking and delivery reports
  • Real-time delay alerts and task sheet consolidation
  • Field workforce management along with invoicing and payment management of the field sales workforce


LoginNext has increased the number of deliveries of its customers by 45%, decreased maintenance costs by 15%, decreased turnaround time by 40%, decreased extra resource costs by 25%, and increased real-time visibility by 35%. Today, LogiNext serves more than 150 enterprises across 10 countries.

Funding Source

Steadview Capital

Tiger Global Management

Nitin Singhal

Singapore Angel Network

Gennext Innovation Hub

Funding and Annual Revenue



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A one line description maybe? It looks good actually.

A one line description maybe? It looks good actually.