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Enabling policy making with superior outcomes through emerging technologies

WITP Benefits

The ‘Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy (WITP)’ is focused on driving knowledge and usage of emerging technologies in policy making and governance processes in the Government of India with the following intended benefits:

Better policy design, execution, and measurement

Current policies can be improved, and new policies can be made more effective by integrating technology knowledge and impact in policy design, execution, and measurement.

More Technology-aware Policymakers

Minister-level and senior policymakers/bureaucrats/technocrats will become more knowledgeable about current and emerging technologies and how best to apply them to their ministries, departments and missions.

Technology-enabled Policy Execution at Scale

WITP will help define technology platforms that enable policy execution at scale, leveraging common architectures and technology components across different programs.

Technology-enabled Outcomes Measurement

Policies often fail because of the failure to define or measure outcomes effectively; technology platforms can help address this deficiency.

Real-time Policy Insights for Faster Course Correction

Technology can help provide real-time visibility, analytics, and insights into policy performance, thereby enabling fast course correction, improvement, and success